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In Family Law cases emotions can run high—especially where there are children. The stress can feel overwhelming. Divorce will have personal and economic consequences reaching far into the future.  A lawyer’s first job is to help clients deal with the stress in order to help them see clearly and define and achieve their goals and shape their own future.

Family Law Judgments generally address all or some of the following issues: Custody of Children, Visitation, Child Support, Division of Real and Personal Property, Alimony, Debt Allocation, Pension Division, Grandparent’s Rights. You can learn more about each of those areas elsewhere on this site.

Your thoroughness in providing necessary personal and financial details and witness information, your ability to deal with conflict and stress, how you prepare yourself and how you handle being in a courtroom can greatly affect the outcome of your case.  As an attorney I have been through the process many times and am confident that I will more than handle my end in negotiations and in the courtroom.  I understand that you, the client, are in unknown territory.

My office helps guide you with your preparation –that’s a big part of our job.  The best path to success includes a strong performance by the attorney and the client.